News | 10.06.2020

Green shoots in the EIS sector

Green shoots in the EIS sector

Earlier this week, our business development director Jonathan Prescott joined a panel of industry experts to discuss the state-of-play for EIS investments as GBI Magazine hosted its inaugural advocate webinar.

Chaired by Mark Brownridge, director general of EISA, the panel came together to debate the opportunities for EIS investments across the industry and discuss what issues advisers need to be aware of in a post-COVID landscape.

The discussion covered everything from how managers choose investments to de-risking your portfolio, and Jonathan shared his insight on the impact of COVID-19 on the investment landscape and the opportunities we’re seeing across the industry, as well as the importance of clear communication and risk management.

Jonathan Prescott said:

“Despite current uncertainty in the market, we’re starting to see the green shoots of promising activity, and a growing appetite for investment.

“Open and honest communication is key to building trust and confidence in the industry, and we go above and beyond to update investors regularly on how the portfolio is progressing. This really comes down to a regular flow of detailed and consistent information. Our proactive and transparent communication sets us apart in the market, and not only helps to educate investors and advisers around investments and how they are performing, but also helps to create a journey.

“Our ‘more than money’ approach is more important than ever, and we are providing additional resource from our in-house teams to support our portfolio companies throughout the COVID-19 crisis, including HR advice and financial advisory support, with our investment managers helping our entrepreneurs to navigate applications for CBILS and other COVID-19 government support. By supporting businesses with more than just investment, we’re helping them to create long-term value.”

If you would like to hear more of what Jonathan had to say, you can watch the full webinar here.

Jonathan was joined by Chris Sandfield, CEO at CoInvestor, Dr Brian Moretta, investment analyst and head of tax-enhanced research at Hardman & Co, and Ewoud Karelse, head of tax advantaged investments at Tilney.