More than money.

Our Philosophy

We invest in people.

Our Portfolio.

Understanding founders is just as important as understanding their businesses. We make cultural fit a priority.

Our People.

A diverse and experienced team, passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in the North and across the UK.

Who we help


We invest in ambitious, early stage companies.

We know it takes more than money to build a successful business. We understand the real-world challenges entrepreneurs face, and partner with them to find long term, sustainable growth solutions.


We aim for exceptional returns by investing in exceptional businesses.

By providing genuine, unconstrained venture capital to early-stage business, we want to provide investors seeking capital growth with access to some of the UK’s brightest young companies.

Our Credentials


We’ve invested in dozens of companies and know what’s needed to take things to the next level.


Our network and infrastructure gives us great access to opportunities in the North and across the UK.

Track Record.

Since we started in 2011, we have a track record of achieving excellent returns.

Our Portfolio

A diverse portfolio of exciting, growing businesses.

Our portfolio consists of entrepreneurial teams that have demonstrated commercial traction. Areas of focus include digital and technology, finance, health and life sciences, energy and the environment, and more.