Being an entrepreneur is the most challenging role in business.

What We Do

We help you build a strong and sustainable platform for growth.

Our Values.

We make cultural fit a priority and get to know management teams before we invest in their plans. We think long term, and understand that plans change and challenges arise.

Our People.

Diversity in our team benefits our portfolio. That’s why when building our team, we recruited investment bankers, accountants, entrepreneurs, analysts, marketers, sales directors and more.

How We Work

We get that a successful business isn’t built overnight.

The companies we back have exceptional management teams, a well thought out business model, and can point to early momentum in a large or growing market.

We Support.

If things don’t go to plan, we’ll help you find a way forward.

We Collaborate.

We look for ways to share knowledge from our wider portfolio, via complementary skills or common goals.

We Listen.

Nobody knows your company like you do. We’re here to give you the advice you need, when you need it.

Our Portfolio

You’re not alone.

Since Praetura was founded in 2011, we have backed dozens of companies, including eight startups and four exits.