The Praetura Approach.

That’s why we work hard to find exceptional founders, and then give them the support they need to take on the world. We’re about more than just capital. We’re about finding a way, when others might walk away.

  • We recognise it takes blood, sweat and tears to build a business so you need the right support at the right time.
  • We are entrepreneurial as you are.
  • Making a difference needs more than capital.
  • Being empathic, positive, and morally decent are central to everything we do.
  • Successful businesses should come from everywhere, not just the recognised UK start-up hubs.

More than money

How we act

We're are not like everybody else..


We’re passionate about giving exceptional teams the capital and support they need to grow right from the get-go.


Details matter. And we’ll help you get them right from the moment we start working together.


No one said it was going to be easy. There’ll be challenges along the way, but we’ll be there to tackle them with you.